Monday, October 16, 2017
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About Mercoda

Mercoda was founded by Michael Reynolds to establish a unique brand for a wide-range of software development and consulting services as well as a line of mobile and web products.  Mercoda is based in Richardson, Texas.

Michael has been an executive manager of research & development organizations, corporate architect of complex applications, and has more than 35+ years experience as a software developer for start-ups to Fortune 50 companies.  Areas of expertise include systems architecture, modeling, database management, risk management, business process re-engineering, software engineering,  performance/optimization analysis and mobile technology.  Industry experience with private, public, non-profit, government, education, and defense contractors.  Former employers include Applied Data Research, Texas Instruments, BMC Software, SecureInfo, and Textron Overwatch Systems.

He also has extensive experience building and leading teams of developers on projects ranging from 5 - 150 developers. A real hands-on person,with the ability to design and develop complex software or consult with corporate executives.

Feel free to contact him at: